24karrot (24karrot) wrote in boricuas,

Puerto Rican Spanish Blog

Hi boricuas, just wanted to extend an invite to see my  blog, Speaking Boricua... it's a blog for English speakers learning Spanish who want to learn a bit more about Puerto Rico, mostly language but also culture, tourism, etc etc. Anyways, I wanted to invite any Puerto Ricans personally because even though I know a bit about Puerto Rico, I'm obviously not an expert (I'm an American who just has been a lot and spent time with some Puerto Ricans) and I'd appreciate any comments, opinions, criticisms, experiences, or anything else. I also think Puerto Ricans born in the U.S. would enjoy it.

Mods, feel free to delete this, I'm not trying to spam but of course the final say is yours. Thanks regardless.

(crossposted in a few places)
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